Be in The Moment


People ask me why I chose running? Why not a team sport? Why not walking versus running? At first I felt like I needed to justify my need to run. Then I realized it wasn’t about me it was about the mindless activity, or otherwise known as meditation.

I run to be at one with nature. To feel the power of a higher power.                                                                        Sometimes I play music. Sometimes I just leave my earbuds in so others don’t attempt to talk with me. While other times I might meet a person and feel the need to learn more about them while we run. I “ran into” such a person a few weeks ago on my run.

She told me about her boyfriend and how he had suffered a stroke. How she didn’t “sign up” to be a caregiver but that was her role today. Then she started telling me about how she just started back running after a hiatus of several years. How she probably walks more than runs.

All the while she was telling me her story, I had no urge to pass or take off running. I had the feeling, the prodding that she needed someone to listen.                                                                                                                                              Not to offer advice. Not to judge. Just listen. So I did. And all the while I knew I was in the presence of an Earth Angel!

Running is more than a physical activity. It’s being present in the moment and feeling the connection with the world around us.