Let Go , and Let God

I used to always wait for everything to be perfect and sometimes I still do before I would take a leap. Then I remind myself to be an observer, let God take the reigns and watch my life and career path unfold before my eyes.
Last year, I was mourning the passing of Wayne Dyer, when I was drawn to his book “I Can See Clearly Now”. Now I wasn’t big reader of books in the past, but this one was calling me by name.
As I read it , I kept reflecting on events throughout my life that has lead me to today.
How being a musician gave me a yearning for an audience and the talent of singing.
How being an owner of a successful business gave me an entrepreneurial spirit of independence.
How being open to a higher power gave me beautiful mentors like yourself, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, and many others.
And now I’m at another crossroads, as I am being pushed into an author , speaker, and teacher career by my higher power.
My ego says “you need a fancy website before anyone will hire you”, “you’re just an average guy, no one knows you”, “you have a silly last name that no one can pronounce”.
Even though all those are true (to my ego), I adapted the mantra from my practice of running, “find your pace and finish the race”.
I’ll finish MY race when my angels want me to.
I’ll inspire the people God needs me to.
And I’ll appreciate the wisdom, tears, and joy along the way!

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