Action Accomplish Celebrate Repeat


There’s a certain order to everything. You can’t drive your car without filling up your gas tank. Right?

The same thing goes for creating joy in your life, career, and relationships.

We have anniversaries, birthdays, and all different kinds of celebrations for milestones in our lives. Did you realize there’s a process to get to the celebrating? Better yet, you can create more success by repeating the process in little doses.


Here’s the steps:






Let’s start with a big example.

You meet the person of your dreams. (Action) You get engaged. (accomplish) You have an engagement party. (celebration)

I know….. I hear 50% of you rolling your eyes and thinking, “How’d that work out for ya?”

Just stick with me on this example.

On the day my divorce was given the blessing of the judge, my ex-wife said, ” I always thought we’d make it more than 21 years.”

One year later, she’s found the man of her dreams and say’s “Thank goodness you filed!”

We were both scared. Worried about how we could make it financially without the other.

But we took the leap and are much stronger now, physically, financially, and in wonderful relationships that are true to our spirits!

I realize now…….I will always follow my heart and “gut”. Knowing that my angels and higher power knows my best path.

Don’t fear the “what if’s” and know that your angels will steer your journey.


Everyday you take action towards your larger goals, accomplish that action and party!

So, instead of waiting to only celebrate the milestones, party over the everyday accomplishments.


Make 1 more phone call to get the sale……………!

Don’t react to negative people………………………….party!

Make a special meal for someone you love…………party!


Every action that you accomplish………………Celebrate!

It’ll become a habit ……….of accomplishments! ( more parties….less fear)


Make Today a Great Run!



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