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Let Go , and Let God

I used to always wait for everything to be perfect and sometimes I still do before I would take a leap. Then I remind myself to be an observer, let God take the reigns and watch my life and career path unfold before my eyes. Last year, I was mourning the passing of Wayne Dyer, […]

Be in The Moment

People ask me why I chose running? Why not a team sport? Why not walking versus running? At first I felt like I needed to justify my need to run. Then I realized it wasn’t about me it was about the mindless activity, or otherwise known as meditation. I run to be at one with […]

Action Accomplish Celebrate Repeat

There’s a certain order to everything. You can’t drive your car without filling up your gas tank. Right? The same thing goes for creating joy in your life, career, and relationships. We have anniversaries, birthdays, and all different kinds of celebrations for milestones in our lives. Did you realize there’s a process to get to […]